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Mind Eraser Strain Data (HomeGrown Data)

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Mind Eraser Strain Data (HomeGrown Data)

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Introducing Mind Eraser! It was recently been brought to my attention that a Mind Eraser strain is showing up on some cannabis strain search sites with no known info. Now I'm not sure if its this particular cut that earned the name Mind Eraser that's showing up or another grower has a strain with the same name. I thought I would share a bit of info on our particular strain we call Mind Eraser. 1st off I'm in no way a breeder or an expert of any kind, I'm just your average dude that's been growing for a few full moons and has found some personal success with it (just meaning I love my weed, and my friends seem to enjoy it too). Back to the point of the blog, here's a lil data n the backstory behind 303zTreez' Mind Eraser...

The original seed came from a bag of mixed seeds I had collected over the years since I started growing my own medicine. I was helping a couple friends get started learning to grow their own medz, originally I gave them clones to help ease some of the learning process of growing full cycle from seed. One of them decided it was time to plant a few seeds and try some new strains. We made space to pop some seeds, and this lovely strain was the one that showed up and showed out!

Originally we called this strain "Fruit E Pebz" or "FEP' as it has a strong fruity pebbles fragrance, like a fresh opened box of the cereal. When we sampled the first testrun, that name changed quick! Everyone who smoked it was losing their keys in their pockets, or their cellphones while they were on them, the consensus was Mind Eraser was the name she had definitely earned. She kept knocking all my heavyweight smokerz out and making them completely forget everything for a good hour or two. She may be a hybrid, but she is Most Definitely an Indica dom hybrid.

Here's what we know 'bout how they grow so far from test runs:
  • Grows short and bushy
  • Thick dark greenleaf
  • Compact denser type buds
  • Buds grow along branch with minimal space between nodes, creating large colas
  • 55-63d flower
  • Fruity smell, similar to a fresh opened box of fruity pebbles
  • Light green buds, orange hairs, and purple tints & hues through bud
  • Heavy sugar content (trichomes)
The effects:
  • Heavy couchlock indica
  • Has been known to cause temporary memory loss (1-2 hour)
  • Heavy munchies (good for nausea, appetite loss)
  • great nighttime herb to take you to dreamland


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