Urban Clothing line, Designs for the Elevated Mind

About us

Independently owned & operated, we are a self made apparel company. We choose not to be limited by stereotypical definition. Working full time jobs, creating dreams, taking care of our families, and choosing to use cannabis to unwind, medicate, or meditate. "The Freedom to Choose What I Use" is a principle we live by, be it recreational, medicinal, or spiritual, we believe cannabis is the SAFEST alternative. With legalization in some states allowing research that truth is now showing. Through education and action, we are committed to dispelling the negative stereotypes associated with cannabis use. Leading by example, we encourage the masses to work hard, hustle, and never give up. To be the anti stereotypical pothead that doesn't just sit around couch locked and doing nothing to advance themselves. Truth is there's more people out there that choose to use cannabis to deal with all their ailments, and stress. They choose not to let it affect their careers, goals, families, or lives in general. We represent those people.

We started as a cannabis geared shirt & design line. After feeding the seeds of creativity we are developing into a budding clothing Line, with styles to suit anyone's casual needs. We offer 70+ styles of women's leggings, a variety of skirts, dresses, form fitting crop tops, cannabis related designs, as well as more subtle streetwear type urban designs. We also offer Joggers, sweatshirts, hoodies, socks, and swim trunks for our men's/unisex clothing. High quality printing, both all over print sublimation designs, and DTG screen-print designs. Activewear for our productive potheads as well, with wick technology style shirts coming soon as well. Using our designs to promote humor, living life to the fullest,  strength, love, and feeding your passions.  Grow with us as we continue to design more amazing wearable art, expand our clothing line, spread positivity ,and love through creativity.